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Originally Posted by TwistyRoads View Post
Buyer beware with Lite Tech Auto. Core product is fine, but they ripped me off, and the only way to contact them is via email, which they ignore. My story:
I ordered safe light kit on 10/24 and it arrived around 11/9. I was out of town, so I only got the package on 11/16, and immediately emailed them that the package was missing the roller door switch that is supposed to be included. No response.
On 11/21 I email them again, and I get a response on 11/21 saying that I should check the packaging again for the INLINE switch [emphasis mine]. I respond within 2 hours, saying that I've searched the packaging, and I'm missing the ROLLER switch for the door, not the inline switch.
Since then, they have gone completely dark. I've sent follow up emails on 11/27, 11/29, and 12/12. Not a single reply. And I can't find a phone number in any of their emails or their website.
I'm a very unhappy customer.
My advice: don't waste your money with Lite Auto Tech. They don't ship what you pay for.
Update 12/15: Since my original post, Lite Tech Auto has engaged with me and they have been eager to fix this. I received the roller switch from them on 12/14, so I am a satisfied customer now. And I have always been happy with the product. Based upon that, and the other posts backing their credibility, I would consider my original experience as an isolated incident, which was 100% resolved.
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