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Wow sorry for taking so long to post again. I work a very strange international job...been stuck in Kuwait. I'm out of the country a lot so making meet ups is a tough one, but I'd love to participate sometime.

Anyway, this is great information, exactly what I was looking for! Field Time Rnage sounds pretty spiffy, though OnTarget is only 10 minutes down the road (the gf lives in woodbridge).

What's the deal with Burro Canyon? Legit plinking area? I feel like during my years in AZ this was pretty much 5 minutes down any dirt road was "legit plinking" haha I imagine in Cali that sort of thing is tough to find.

Originally Posted by Bumslie View Post
You can also join the super secret contributors lounge.
This sounds ominous and cool...and where/what is ASR?

Thanks again fellas.

Edit: I discovered your super secret, and have indoctrinated myself via paypal.

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