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I've been reloading for a long time and have always used Federal primers for the calibers I reload. I use the magnum primer for the magnum rounds and standard primers for standard calibers. rifle for rifle and pistol for pistol.
The reason I was asking the question if it matters from one brand to another was I have a friend that is starting to reload and I'm helping him get started. He called me one day and told me he was trying to buy small pistol primers for reloading 40 S&W at a local shop and when he told the guy behind the counter he needed standard small pistol primers, he was asked what brand and he answered it doesn't matter. The guy asked what his recipe called for and he didn't have it with him. The gun shop guy told him he was going to seriously injure if not kill himself with that knowledge. He asked me what he meant and I couldn't think other than slightly different pressure variations between brands.
It's just for target practicing.
Good info wrangler John.
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