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I always liked hot sauce, cause i put that **** on everything- BBQ was nice to mix it up with the MRE's. I was the king of making stuff with the MRE's...

Costco sized Beef jerky

Mags (maxim, car and driver, guns and ammo)

I always had my parents send **** loads of ramen noodles and tuna in the packets, not the cans. Oh and broth packets.

I loved aa and aaa batteries- in the beginning of my service we just had CD players and those things ate batteries like they were going out of style... now with most things powered by proprietary batteries it probably isn't as big of a deal.

Skittles, licorice, hard candies - i was in north eastern Africa a lot, so no chocolate

Nice Underwear and Socks- the moister wicking type (underarmor)

Baby wipes and purell- might as well have been cash
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