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Originally Posted by DocCrazyJ View Post
Have you seen tactical Medical Solutions? If your interested let me know. I am a dealer for them and always help out cal gunners. It is a med pouch and mag pouch at the same time.
I like TacMed, I have a few things they make. The SOFTT-W TQ is a beast... But that pouch empty is $85 and it's for an AR platform, I run an AK. But I like the idea. I might pursue having something custom made depending on price.

Originally Posted by Keoni77 View Post
Have you considered D.A.R.K. Complete Kit

its a bout a size of the filled double M4 pouch. you can but with med kit already built in or just the pouch and fill in yourself. I have one and did my own kit.
Yep. I've seen those. But it's basically what I already have. I will probably be buying another HSGI bleeder pouch for my carrier (to go along with the one on my belt). I'm content with only basic IFAK supplies. I'll keep a stocked IFAK with enough gear to handle more advanced care and two operators, in my "assault bag" (backpack).

I also have an ATS medical insert, which I might pursue instead of the HSGI bleeder, I just need to pick up a pouch for it and see if it will suit my needs.
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