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A big problem with SB15 is that it effectively creates monopolies on replacement parts.

A gun appears to lose its Roster status if modified, even if identical replacement part(s) of equivalent quality/behavior/tolerances were dropped in.

I don't think a rostered Colt 1911 using, say, a replacement Wilson combat or other quality 1991 trigger or hammer or barrel would be regardable as the same gun that was tested/Rostered. [A separate issue may involve Harrott-like listing criteria, however - and that 'listing' (Rostering) is 'good enough.]

This is kinda like saying your GM car's emissions warranty/certification ability to be resold in CA being controlled by required use Delco oil filters, radiator hoses, etc. - but if you buy them from another vendor, your car can't be sold in CA. That'd effectively segment out a nice guaranteed monopoly in repair/warrant parts for Delco. Perhaps some Magnussen-Moss issues and certainly Berkey v Kodak-relevant matters pop up here relating to SB15.

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