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Originally Posted by kb58 View Post
I have a buddy not far from that area who said that the local economy was really bad. I've seen that in a number of places and your's is the first post to say it was good. To be fair, myy buddy said that finding anything better than working at Walmart (if there's even one around) or as a cook, things are very limited, so that was his baseline of comparison. My buddy loves it there, though he may be a bit "off", as he and his wife sleep on the porch year-round, even with the snow...

OTOH, if you have an internet business (or are a writer... or composer) you're all set.
Yeah Im not getting that. Down here half the stores are closed and up there I did not see one empty building. But remember a decent house and payment is 650/month up there so how much job do you need? You do not need a 4500/mo job for both you and the wife to survive.

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