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Originally Posted by Lone_Gunman View Post
He didn't get arrested for criticizing Obama. He got arrested for being a felon in posession of firearms. He came to the attention of the authorities because a neighbor said he was acting crazy and had "machine gun style" weapons. IMHO the dude brought it on himself. If you're gonna try and be a felon prepper with guns you sure as hell better keep it on the down low.
You're missing a critical point though: the authorities didn't know about the guns until AFTER they had ALREADY began investigating him!

Problemchild, I had no idea about what happened to David Sarti. Unbelieveable. Just a guy trying to live his life on his own and no doubt was targeted by authorities and stripped of his right to self-defense. Sick.

Folks, make no mistake about it...we are living in a very, very different America now. Trust in God and keep your powder dry.