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Originally Posted by 0321jarhead View Post
Sounds like cousin cosmo is messing around. He's such a sticky guy when he gets put in the chamber of ill repute.
Originally Posted by bellts View Post
The chamber of ill repute... Sounds like a girl I used to date.
Originally Posted by G-Man WC View Post
Sometimes I''ll need to take a 45cal copper brush to the chamber when running a lot of milsup ammo with lacquer or "Poly" being deposited in the chamber.
I found if you don't let the rifle cool and fire a few rounds of non lacquered ball ammo will help clean it out.

Date ... or rent?
Originally Posted by LCU1670 View Post
I used an old hotgun bore brush on a drill.
Fellas, he's not shooting it, just trying to put the bolt back in. How can it possibly be a dirty chamber? And before he cleaned the bolt things were ok
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