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There is 2 field times; Field times the gun store is in Westminster, Field Time the gun range is in Stanton.

I shoot at Field Time in Stanton during my lunch hours; good group of people there.

Originally Posted by Case View Post
Field Time is technically in Stanton (adjacent to Westminster), and you can shoot your long gun there, no card or class required. It's a pretty good range. I like the digital target runner. They allow anything below .338 Lapua. They also sell .223 ammo and it's okay for 25 yard plinking and rough sight-in work.

They also allow you to shoot shotguns (slugs only), but it must have a buttstock. No pistol-grip only shotguns are allowed.

Bring your own slugs; my buddy shot the Field Time slugs in his gun today and had some FTEs in his Mossberg 930. Tried the Federal slugs I brought, no issues.
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