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Default Mosin Bolt Jammed?

Okay So I'm in the processing of cleaning my mosin.

I used boiling water to clean the bolt and then put it in my dad's (vibrating chemical bath thing, not sure what it's called. He's a jeweler). I put it back together and tested it out in another mosin. It's really hard to lift the bolt, not like gritty hard but like hammer the bolt and still won't budge hard. The only way to lift the bolt is to pull the knob in the back, back a bit before I can lift it and slide it to the rear.

I don't think I'm putting it back together wrong, I'm putting the bolt on the other mosin back the same way and it's working perfectly fine. Does anybody know what's wrong? Oh and the bolt was fine before the cleaning. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!
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