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Originally Posted by dls View Post
I have a shop with a heavy duty drill press correct vise and table, dermal and two 80% lowers. I love to DIY,build cars, port polish heads, work on all my own stuff... But unless I knew my lowers would turn out as good as my factory ones, I'm not going to use the drill. I wouldn't waste $600-1000 in additional parts including a quality trigger only to put them on an imperfect lower.

I'm waiting for local CNC access.

I would like to see pictures of a Drill press vs CNC lower. Maybe that would encourage me if they looked the same.

In any-case, good luck with the build.
Well, mine was a little ugly from the inside...

but you don't see the inside with the upper on.

I assure you, a drill press would work just fine.
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