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This is my opinion.
If you have any mag lock, stock lock, or any device to make your gun compliant with CA AW laws, you should make it so that compliance item cannot be removed with anything that a cop carries on his tool belt.
Most cops are good people, but there are some who would mess with something to throw you in jail. Trust me, I've seen what happens when mag locks "fall off" (tamper with by arresting LEO's)and it ain't pretty.
If that button needs to be depressed to unlock that stock, I would remove that button and replace the spring with a solid piece of plastic so it cannot be manipulated in any way. Or maybe drill a hole and drive a roll pin through it and put a small amount of epoxy on there. If some ill intentioned LEO tries to remove an epoxied roll pin he gonna leave marks and any credibility he had right there for all to see.
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