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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
When the author of the email asks for it as a cite it's not an issue regarding the rules.
I'll restate the record so you can better understand the fatal flaw in your argument:

Note what was asserted by Crom in his original post (which he later edited).

My request for a cite was specifically with respect to that post to which I responded (above). Words matter.

In any case, remember in the future that you set the precedent that effectively any interpretation of a request for evidence here is sufficient to post emails. That is, unless CGN rules aren't bound by CGN admin precedent and you simply do what you want ad hoc.

Contributes nothing, okay so I'll be removing the advertisements, threads and all references in sig lines and posts to donating to CGF and/or the CGF Amazon program.
If you believe that there is a monetary value to that content, I fully support recompense. In that case, however, would it not be similarly true that CGF should be compensated by CGN for the traffic directed here by our content and participation? It's either a forum or not.

Since I contribute nothing by giving CGF free advertising, multiple banner ads, keeping a constant link to 'Donate to CF' at the top of each page and stickied threads pushing 'shop2A' all of that is obviously no longer needed.
Perhaps not. I would be happy to A B test it and report back.

Not all contributions look the same.
I fully agree.

Think about this, despite all the insults, vulgar names, disparaging remarks, false accusations and denigrating statements you've made about CGN and me personally and how you've stated 'CGF doesn't need CGN anymore' I still have neither banned you nor removed the many links and references asking CGN members to support CGF.
If I've actually violated the rules, why didn't you ban me? Does that imply that CGN rules are really whatever you want them to be? Sounds like Yolo's carry license policy.

I even tell people that if they can only do one, rather than contribute to CGN, send it to CGF.
Excellent. The organization that actually does the work of advancing our rights (for which you serve as a member of the board) appreciates that consideration.

So if we remove all the requests to support CGF from CGN how much will that cost CGF in income?
I suspect little to nothing.

Will you still get paid the same amount by CGF as you are being paid now?
Calls for speculation. As you know, that would be a board decision. I'd welcome the opportunity to comprehensively evaluate a proposal by you and its consequences.

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