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Default Ejector markings on headstand from my new 1911

I'm assuming this is the right forum to ask.

I recently acquired one of my dream pistols, a Colt .38 super. I've only shot 200 rounds out of it so far, I'd shoot more but .38 super is expensive and I have not bought my reloading press yet, that will be my birthday gift to myself in January. I've had no failures of any kind, but I've noticed marks on the head stamp that I've never seen from any other of my firearms.

Is this any cause for concern? I've also noticed that my extractor slightly sticks out, and has a nominal bit of wiggle or play back and forth. This is my first brand new 1911, I have a colt officers and there is no extractor marks like this, and the extractor is firmly in place.

Is this a fitment issue? A break in issue?

Or am i simply over analyzing this, and this is no cause for concern. Shut up and shoot it?

Thanks for all the input.
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