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Default LRG Stand with 2 10" Gongs Back in stock and On Sale now!!!

LRG stand complete with all consumables(3 36" conduit and hanging hooks) as well as 2 10" Laser cut AR500 gongs for $150

The TS-LRG is an adjustable long range gong stand. The stand was created by the demand of long range shooters looking for something that is portable and easy to carry out on the field. The TS-LRG is made with mild steel keeping customer value in mind. The corner brackets and bottom legs are shielded to take lead spatter and can be tightened by the shooter. Set-up is fast as it takes a wrench to put up the stand. The height adjustable feature is good news when the terrain is uneven. Thestand can be staked down to add stability when the environment isn't cooperating. The stand uses .75 inch conduit piping which makes replacing worn out pieces easy. Depending on your target you may need to adjust the stand suit your needs. As shown the conduit length is 30 Inches on the uprights and crossbar.

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