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What will be fascinating if Texas manages to get into court and prove they can secede is what are they going to do when the 15 Military bases close? Maybe the US will keep them open like in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and the other hundreds of bases used to 'protect' the US Oil supply. Then the US can put up a Border fence to keep out the illegals. Not sure how Texas will make up the federal revenue shortfall of 10%. When that next hurricane hits, no more FEMA money. Wonder if they have enough people to monitor the Mexico boarder? It will be a boom for Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansans, ATF will have an easier time with monitoring border crossing. I guess the Republican party will have a choice, stay in the US or Texas. Can't have foreign political powers influencing the elections of the US. Man so complicated to secede. I wonder if they will force out the 13% (3,308,124 who voted for Obama) of the population or something worse. Wonder if Texans will pay their portion of the debt in a lump sum or payments.

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