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Thanks for the info, not quite what I had envisioned though
Condor had a backpack that looked perfect. 5.11 had one too. I called both and they said neither of them have zippers that come together. They each have the strings on the zippers, so you can put a lock through the strings, but it's weak I'd say. You could prob separate the zippers apart, put ur finger in, push hard and find the trigger. perhaps a magician could drop 1 round in there, wiggle it in and find the trigger.



What I wanted was those zippers that can close together and u put a tiny lock in.

Originally Posted by REDPATCHUSMC View Post
I have an "IN" at Camelbak... I'd reccomend this:

or this

I think at the end of the day, I'll get the backpack that works best for me and just put my pistol in one of these small padded cases, lock that, then be covered.
I had this little case for a Colt .38spl I have, but with some effort my XD 9mm fits. I dont believe my mags have to be locked, even with ammo in them, so i can toss them in the compartment. The firearm locked with a padlock as shown in red, no mag in it, no ammo in the chamber, just the firearm solo locked.

::EDIT:: Buster1960, I'll check it out, thanks.

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