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Originally Posted by MXRider View Post
Sigh, its not a problem, its just the design of these mounts. Also consider that you are shooting probably 3-4 moa ammo, out of a 1-2 moa rifle using a 2-4 moa red dot. Lots of room for error and POI shifts are inevitable. Fact is the Larue and Bobro mounts are proven to hold zero better. If they didn't, they probably wouldn't sell mounts.

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Nope my every day hand loads will do 1moa all day long at 100 meters, but yes my rig will shoot 1.5-2 moa. As I stated before my groups stayed the same. The key factors to retain zero has to do with how precise the machining of the rails/mount, and the torquing method/consistency used. Mounts for the Aimpoint such as Bobro, Larue, Aimpoint and A.R.M.S all use a tri-lock system. Larue and A.R.M.S all rely on a camming action which some people don't like due to the galling of the rail that this action causes. While Bobro and Aimpoint rely on a compression lock and doesn't gall the rail. High end mounts are more precisely machined especially in the ring are which is one of the reasons they retain zero.

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