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Originally Posted by a1c View Post
It's a slow process, because it's a cultural issue. Not a political one.
I would have to say that the issue is both cultural and political. Cultural is easy enough for all to understand and I think that it can be overcome with time and education. To explain why I think itís also a political issue is easy enough to understand too. From the dawn of time, people have always wanted to control other people, thus you get politically motivated laws to keep the upper class in command of the peasants and most leaders don't want to give up their power. You can reference this fact by reading history and in todayís society look at the DNC platform and the laws restricting the RKBA from both parties. This too can be overcome, eventually, but it would definitely help to speed things up if we could change the cultural bias first. Now I couldnít even come close to explain why the media in the old days seemed to be critical of all government dealings, but today they are sheep that follow with blind acceptance.

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