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Originally Posted by a1c View Post
Educating journalists. Writing to them not foaming at the mouth when they make a mistake, but explaining what they got wrong. Offering them angles for stories they probably don't know about. And so on.

In other words, we need to lose the snark and the confrontational approach, and stop playing victims.

It's a slow process, because it's a cultural issue. Not a political one.
I agree that this is a cultural issue (without "sarcasm" this time). To add to your's and Nicki's points, the bottom line is money. Higher ratings command higher ad revenue and sensationalism in reporting gets higher ratings. Traffic and weather are important to many, but shootings, death and other tragedies will always be the top stories due the emotional impact they achieve.

Educating journalists by writing them and pointing out errors in their content and misinformation, in a civilized manner, may or may not be effective. I imagine the "Delete" key and the word "Whatever" get a lot of use in the newsroom. While we should try to educate them, taking only this approach on a case by case basis certainly would be a slow process and largely ineffective in my opinion as we are asking journalists to take some of the emotion away from their stories. Conversely, the backlash Bob Costas and others receive from people foaming at the mouth seems to get them backtracking and/or publicly apologizing, which seems immediately effective to me.

To get back on topic, I didn't see any part of the original post stating we should spread misinformation. The op's second post in this thread stated we should show how this nonsense is perpetuated. The Calguns homepage has Firearms Links and Firearms Resources sections, but a link to a well written factual article, directly under "Enter the Forums", to something like "Misnomers about Firearms" would likely get a lot of hits by people visiting the site for the first time.
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