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ASC - This used to be my range of choice 10 years ago when I would go shooting with my family, we always had a positive experience and good customer service. I moved away for several years and now its just not the most convenient location for me. Sad to hear some folks are not having good experiences, hopefully thats not the norm!

DGM (On Morena) - This is where I've been shooting since I moved back and became active, location wise its just more convenient. I went a few times and felt comfortable so I went ahead and signed up for a membership (I believe we can take up to 2 people for $5 each.). I've had completely positive experiences each time. They have 2 ranges both 25 yards I believe, one pistol only and one rifle + pistol (I think its 8 lanes each). It can get rather busy, but I usually head over on Sundays just before or at noon and never had a wait. Usually when I leave though there is quite a queue of people trying to get in. There is an older guy thats usually working the range counter who is always super friendly, jokes around a little bit and was great when I brought 2 first time shooters in giving them a full run down on safety and such. (I think it helped them be comfortable quickly because he was so friendly and approachable.)

I'm out of town for the next few weekends traveling for holidays and such but I'm more than happy to extend my discount to anyone that might want to come down in the new year.
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