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Originally Posted by S470FM View Post
an SGL is just a converted Saiga. the best thing about an Arsenal is their finish and telling all your friends that you have an Arsenal. it's like owning an iPhone 4S and not a Samsung Galaxy--they both do essentially the same thing, they just look different.
Arsenal's black BBQ paint finish? I'd rather have a gun that's been parkerized. Then again, anyone who supports Arsenal by buying their products is supporting an anti CA 2A company which has a long history of proactively keeping their products from Californian's even though the products in question were legal. In the recent past, they had openly threatened to cut off any supplier caught sending legal Arsenal Products to CA. They have been extremely rude and hostile to anyone from CA (in person, emails or phone calls. The ONLY reason Arsenal finally started selling to CA is that the economy tanked and they finally decided to sell to the largest firearms market in this country. But, no explaination or apologies for their previous actions have been given. Arsenal can take their BBQ painted Saiga conversions and shove them up their gas tubes. There are better Saiga conversions out there and there are better US built AKs out there too.
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