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Originally Posted by Munny$hot View Post
It's not that I don't believe you, It's that I did the test my self instead of believing internet FUD and buying a 150.00 mount that wasn't needed. Larue make excellent mounts and I'm sure the Kool Aide taste great. I did do a google search,but failed to find "well documented 4MOA shift anywhere on a QRP mount" Care to share where this info is??? ..... Aimpoint makes an awesome sight and a excellent reputation. To think they would cheap out on mount a put something out that is sub par from what they claim of return to zero would hurt their reputation.
I find it hard to believe you had no POI shift with the QRP mount as there will always be a small shift even with high end mounts. Also notice how few companies advertise their mount as "return to zero". That should be an indicator.

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