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Originally Posted by MXRider View Post
Nope, same place every time. Don't believe me? Look it up. Those mounts are not good for return to zero and that's why companies like Larue and Bobro sell mounts for Aimpoints that come with mounts.

It's well documented they have on average a 4 moa shift. Some mounts are much worse. Eotech has had problems with as much as 20 moa shift on factory mounts on the older models. If it weren't for this issue, these companies that make mounts wouldn't be able to sell their product.

Like I said though, some stock mounts are better than others and don't have the POI shift problem, however its not the norm.

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It's not that I don't believe you, It's that I did the test my self instead of believing internet FUD and buying a 150.00 mount that wasn't needed. Larue make excellent mounts and I'm sure the Kool Aide taste great. I did do a google search,but failed to find "well documented 4MOA shift anywhere on a QRP mount" Care to share where this info is??? ..... Aimpoint makes an awesome sight and a excellent reputation. To think they would cheap out on mount a put something out that is sub par from what they claim of return to zero would hurt their reputation.
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