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Originally Posted by ChuckD View Post
I believe the average price of a build party (both AR & AK) is about $60, you would have to build 11 - 12 rifles to break even on $700 worth of tools, and that's not even factoring in that you get way more than just use of tools at a build party.
Some guys are just stubbern and like to bleed and swear in the comfort of their own garage. I still say buy machine tools and make your own build tools. I've found some of the AK Builder tooling to be a bit on weak side and those little rubber do-hickey's to keep the receiver level when pressung long rivets suck balls. The buck bar needs a wider foot print and the long rivet jig bolts bend. Not to mention if you plan to build any Chinese guns, your gonna need to make your own stuff anyway.
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