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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
Your daughter is about to be killed on the street by a madman with a knife. Would you prefer at that point that she have a cellphone, or a gun? Understand that if intervention doesn't happen within the next 5 seconds, she is dead.
Even better emotional argument is to remove guns initially and just convey the concept of "self defense," then introduce "armed self defense with a rock," and only then guns.

So, it would go like this. Your daughter is about to be raped. She has the right to fight back and if the attacker gets hurt, she is still the victim and she still had the right to fight back. If she manages to grab a rock while being tackled and hit the attacker, that is completely acceptable. Finally, if she is prepared and has a gun to protect herself, that is just a different arm. In any case, her right to protect herself trumps any rights the attacker trying to rape her might have.
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