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Originally Posted by 10101100 View Post
Darn. I suppose that would be the only downside then. Hmm. I'd just rather live at my own place :/. I already kind of experienced the whole intense environment drill sergeant stuff but I suppose it shouldn't be too bad. Especially with that great pay! And it's not like I'm in a different state , or city for that matter. 6 months is long.... :/

Do you get to choose where you work? Like once you graduate, can you choose to work in Sacramento? Or is it more like the military where they just tell you where you're going? Is there a type of contract like the military where you serve an amount of years?
One of the nice things about chp is you can move around the state a lot. You will likely get stuck in San Francisco at first but after a year on you can typically request a transfer. There are things that can give your need for a certain area more priority, like home ownership or school aged children. But at the end of the day they can stuck you where they want to.

The live in academy isn't run 8-5. So it wouldn't be reasonable to let cadets go home. There are night scenarios and the always fun 4 am pt. You should call and talk to a recruiter and see what they think and see if it's a fit for you. But like I said, they stopped taking aps in 2009 and are only taking them Jan 3-5 next year, so they aren't hurting for applications.

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