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Originally Posted by 10101100 View Post
I graduating from Sac State with a bachelors degree in geography (concentration in GIS or human geog). I am a paralegal specialist in the CA Army National Guard. Because GIS jobs are becoming harder to get, and because I easily get bored with it. I have been considering the CHP or the local PD. Am I qualified for the position? I heard the CHP has a huge rate of people quitting. Why is that? Are there positions other than being a law enforcement officer within the organizations where I can use my degree?

It depends on your style. CHP's main functions are mostly traffic/highway related. The bulk of your work day would be writing tickets, handling vehicle collisions, and arresting drunk drivers.

City and county LEO's do not just that, but also handle criminal matters.

If you want a diversity of law enforcement related opportunities, a large sheriff's department is best. Los Angeles County Sheriff's will offer the most to you. Their retirement is among the best as well. It is a private retirement system, not a government system like most agencies.

L.A. County sheriff's handle the jails, courts, colleges, over 40 contract cities for patrol, they also patrol all unincorporated areas of L.A. county and the trasnsit systems. Aside from the above listed opportunities, you can also work transportation bureau, aero bureau, Special Enforcement Bureau (swat), K9, and a plethora of specialized investigative details and bureaus.

L.A. Sheriff's Dept is huge and we have never laid off deputies.

Do your homework before you choose, because the state is in horrible shape and recently, there have been some law enforcement agencies laying off.

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