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I used to take all of that personally but not anymore. I just stood there once and watched the functionality of a gun store.. Most of the time the place is under staffed so most of those guys are running around, answering phones, ringing up customers, or just answering questions people have. Like getting the attention of a bartender in a busy club, you have to be assertive and jump in their face because gun shop employees have tunnel vision when its busy and closed mouths dont get fed. If your just standing there quiet looking around, he or she figures your STILL looking. Its especially hard if they dont know you (human nature to be less responsive to unfamiliar individuals) so get in there and speak up.. I frequent 3 stores here in San Diego and all of those guys know me by first name..not because Im in there all the time but because I make it a habit to make sure they know me and I know them through friendly conversation and handshakes
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