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Originally Posted by hornswaggled View Post
Hearts and minds

Your comment got me thinking about just who we are engaging with on that article. Here is what I get when clicking on the article's author name:

Lisa Fullam

Lisa Fullam is associate professor of moral theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley. Her research interests include virtue ethics, medical and sexual ethics, and Ignatian spirituality.
Yikes. We are entering the belly of the beast!

While we most likely won't sway anyone's opinion on this article alone, I see it as one small step in a war of attrition. The more they see the law and court rulings layed out in front of them, the more they are going to stubbornly realize that they are attacking civil rights.

So, yes, hearts & minds. One small step at a time.

Maybe we need a sticky thread where all of these anti articles can be posted up and responded to.

"Send money. We have lawyers and guns." -- Gene Hoffman
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