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Default understand what runs news stories.

If it bleeds, it leads. We have fear based, gossip, OMG journalism.

Some say we should attack emotionally based fear mongering with facts. Problem is we are on planet Earth, not planet Vulcan.

Humans are emotionally wired, we are 24 x more responsive to emotion than logic.

Of course there are differences between us, we are not all alike.

We should be hitting back with emotional based arguments laying the blame for gun violence where it squarely belongs, on failed government policies that have destroyed many people's dreams, their hope and their desire to be the best they can be.

The failure isn't just government, it is a multi system failure across the board where so called leaders have epically failed.

The problem is we have parasitic self interest groups who will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo, regardless of how many people's lives are destroyed.

The problem on our side is many gun owners are willing to let the rest of the bill of rights be destroyed in the name of public safety.

However, things are changing and hopefully the American people will start pushing for individual rights over government tyranny and propaganda.

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