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Originally Posted by PositiveRate View Post
Hey there OC!

I am really new to Calguns and just bought my first AR (delivers next week), anyway I am curious about where there is to go and shoot the thing?

I am new to the Irvine area and frequently am in Long Beach as well (yeah I know that's not your territory ). So anyway, I didn't see this info in here yet and appreciate the help!

I used to live in northern AZ and shooting out there was always a non-event. I am originally from Cali though and moving back has made me see just how over the top our state is as far as gun laws go....glad to be getting in touch with other locals! I'm sure this won't be the last time I ask for advice!

There are a couple of options in the area. We have our monthly shoots at OnTarget Indoor Shooting Range in Laguna Niguel (you will need a "rifle card" to satisfy their insurance requirements), and we occasionally head out to Burro Canyon for outdoor events.

For the AR, your options will be limited to those two. For pistols, you can also look at Insight in Artesia, Evan's in Orange, or Field Time in Westminster.
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