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Default $700 best spent: Grizzly mini mill or AK build tools?

My Girlfriend is newish at selling real estate. Since she has a large deal closing soon, she'd like to spend 700 bucks on some tools for me to show appreciation for my support. I have been shopping around and have decided between a Grizzly mini mill and some tooling, or a 20 ton press, receiver jig, riveting jigs and other related tools. I like both AR and AK platforms, so I was thinking that 80% receivers would be easier to get started on and cheaper to get going with. She's a big AK fan and wants more, but we have no build party experience or much time to do so on weekends, and I'm a bit hesitant to go for it without some learning. My biggest concern is if I get a mill, how will I learn to use it? CC classes are not an option, as I have a current professional job, they don't fit my schedule, and don't plan on changing my life around to learn to use the thing. Would anyone be willing to teach me some basics for some form of compensation, or guide me towards a place or method to learn? Can I do a 1919 side plate with the Grizzly? I have many ideas, but little experience. I'm well read as far as machining, but have Zero hands on besides converting a Saiga and assembling an Ar from parts. Hey, something is better than nothing.
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