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I'm a good welder I've been welding since I was 16. But as far as this post goes I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the passion.

I think this kind of went over all of your heads. I'm more interested in the business side of things, my experience was simply stated so that I can offer more than just sitting around studying your every move. I did say internship not a job which is totally different. It's more of an assistant, the person I would intern for simply shows me what he's doing and why he's doing it and gives me small tasks. By law I would not be able to perform most of these tasks you all speak of as an intern. By law (unless you would LIKE to be sued) an unpaid internship is required to be equal to "educational training", the internship is purely to benefit me the intern, I cannot be given any task unsupervised or in anyway take the place of an employee, the employer is not to have immediate gain from anything by having me intern, I cannot be guaranteed a job at the end of my internship, me and the employer must have a mutual understanding that I'm not being paid (best if a contract is signed).

These are things a small business owner should already know anyways. So I'm sure having all these perfected skills you all speak of me needing will NOT benefit the employer anyways.
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