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Originally Posted by CDFingers View Post
The OP suggests that lying and misinformation are good strategies.

These are the same strategies used by the Republican Party, both in California and at the national level.

The Republican Party lost very badly.

Don't use lies and misinformation if you want to build a legitimate case for gun ownership.
"Don't use lies and misinformation if you want to build a legitimate case for" anything.

From this site,

Barack Obama won 303 electoral votes to Romney’s 206, securing a second term in as President of the United States.. The popular votes are still coming in, but Obama has a slight lead with 59,621,436 to Romney’s 56,989,709. [Obama won the popular vote BY ONLY SLIGHTLY MORE THAN 1%]. The Democrats regain control of the senate with 51 seats to the GOP’s 45 and the Republicans regain control of the House with 232 seats to the Dems 191.

... One of the biggest take-aways from last night’s presidential election was just how divided of a nation that we are. With a virtual split in the popular vote and a divided control of power in the Senate and House it is clear that as a nation we have a lot of work to do in order to get work done.

You might want to follow your own advice. Just sayin'
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