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Originally Posted by RMP91 View Post
The antis are using a new tactic...

Under the guise of having a "conversation" about guns, they hope to guilt-trip us into giving up our rights...

They are more despicable than the criminals and psychos themselves... That may sound extreme, but the antis are getting desperate enough to try and make us feel guilty about our AR15s...

Absolutely disgusting...

A "national conversation" to them means new bad laws...

Once they have us disarmed, they will force their will upon us. Before the advent of the firearm, there were no free societies.
Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
Considering the facts of how easily safes can be defeated, a park bench offers the same amount of protection.
Originally Posted by loose_electron View Post
PE card? LOL! Any green kid out of engineering school can get that with a few years of experience.
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