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[QUOTE=PackingHeatInSDCA;9876437]I read all this stuff in the forums about SD sheriff licensing, but I just don't get it. I don't have any special connections. don't carry large sums of cash, but I am in an established business with what I consider (very) good cause. QUOTE]

Well, there you go. So, your "very good cause" carrys more weight than my wanting to defend self and family? So, my life is only worth defending w/in my own home but not worth defending once I step out my front door?

You see, with your "very good cause" you DO have a "special IN" for a permit.

And in case you missed it - in oral arguments, Gore's attorney was pushed to reply if "self defense" was an acceptable good cause. If "self defense" is acceptable and the attorney claims that Gore "goes out of his way to accept all applications" - what would be the issue going "shall issue" since that is the definition?

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