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Default Need recommendations on backpack to store pistol & laptop

I work in IT, so everywhere I go, I have my laptop and some computer crap. I have a Swiss Gear backpack that holds the laptop (15") well, but the side zippers are not designed so that they lock together. I want to be able to remove my magazine from my pistol, put the pistol in one side, lock the zipper together, put a few loaded mags in another side, lock those zippers. I think a backpack that is a tactical style would be cool. But it really must be able to hold my laptop properly. I don't need crazy padding, it's a work laptop, but it just has to hold it comfortably for me. Oh, I ride a motorcycle a lot, so that needs to be taken in to account.

So any recommendations? Perhaps the top manufacturers of backpacks like this, I could look at their site? Lemme know.


PS - what I have now -
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