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Originally Posted by BruinGuy View Post
You think so? I was going to leave it as-is for the metal. There's no rust or pitting, just plenty of bare metal (I'd estimate it's at about 50% bluing; the finish under the wood is fine, so most of the worn areas are showing).

I've not had good experiences with cold bluing, and I've never tried any other bluing method. Don't like the idea of paint on this rifle, even the high-quality ones like Cerakote, Duracoat, or Alumahyde. Those are fine for an AK but I think out of character for the SKS. Parking would be out of character as well, I think.

If I do too much to it I won't be able to treat it as a "beater" and I'll start babying it like I do all my other rifles!
For the blueing, use Brownell's Oxpho-blue in creme form. It works really good for cold blueing. Get the 8 oz.

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