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Originally Posted by a1c View Post
Educating journalists. Writing to them not foaming at the mouth when they make a mistake, but explaining what they got wrong. Offering them angles for stories they probably don't know about. And so on.
Hard to do due to anti's rethoric which always plays on emotions and derrogatory talking points. Countering such negativity with reason tends to lose the message unless the journalist in question is willing to do some research.

Not to mention that journalists should be similar to scientists in their pursuit of truth, yet too many decide to be less-than-stellar in objective research of gun issues.

Originally Posted by a1c View Post
In other words, we need to lose the snark and the confrontational approach, and stop playing victims.
Sometimes "playing victim" gives pretty good results. Many groups used it effectively as a support to their legal and legislative efforts.

Originally Posted by a1c View Post
It's a slow process, because it's a cultural issue. Not a political one.
This is the main difference between media and courts of law, so we should always keep it in mind.
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