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I pulled it apart lastnight to look at the numbers to
date it and see what type of mixmaster I have.

Serial# SA2623365 = Feb 1944

Receiver bottem right side = Y 07 (Diamond)
D28291 32 = 1944
Bolt 1 SA 544 = May 1944
B-13 (Diamond)

Stock The cartosh ?SAA (in small rectangle)
I can't read the first letter, as it is worn. It looks to me
= SanAntonio Arsenal (Referb) cartosh

Trigger Housing - WRA (The only part not SA on my rifle)

I may have the origional barrel/receiver/bolt as the dates on the
parts are a few months apart?
I ran a wet patch in the bore and it came out only slightly colored.
The bore looks great with no pits or damage.
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