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Originally Posted by CDFingers View Post
To those who think I was misinformed about the OP, here is the first line of the OP:

>Can we do something like this as a community, but much more polished?
It looks like the OP is trying to create a documented trail of actual events with analytical analysis of how the misinformation works in today's media, not attempting to start a misinformation campaign of his own.

Whether an anti gun strategy exists (unlikely, more likely just personal beliefs), or is a consequence of emotional outbursts (much more likely), the way it pans out resembles an organized effort. Since there is a pattern, understanding it and documenting it wouldn't be amiss.

Originally Posted by CDFingers View Post
(CDF): I wrote that that's a poor strategy. I showed that the heavy losses suffered in the last election by the minority party stemmed from misinformation pushed by that party.
You didn't show anything. You made an arbitrary speculation. Besides, this thread is not about politics.
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