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Be sure to look for the crimped primers, those will mess up the priming operation on most progressive presses. Which you will need if you expect to get any kind of volume.

First time use of range brass I deprime and then hit 100% with a countersink reamer, just touch it for a second. Some worry they will hit China because they held it too long, but it's just touch it and get the next one. Other thing I do is stand 100 or so brass on the fold down shelf on my reloading bench. Then eyeball what's there.

The .380s, makarov, will be noticeably shorter. Pull those out, every once in a while you'll get something taller, 9mm Dillion, 9x23, or some other oddball.

Then look closely at what's left, you will probably see some that are a little shorter than the rest, pull those too. You want all the brass about the same length so your crimping die will work like it's supposed to. If the brass is varying lengths, you get no crimp on the shorter ones, too much on the long. Save all the brass you culled, you can get $3 or more a pound for it.
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