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Default Consistency is key

Originally Posted by Nickaru View Post
How critical is the choice of primer manufacturer in recipes? Federal vs. Winchester vs. CCI vs. Wolf, etc.
It depends... If you reload for a pistol and your goal is range ammo that you will typically fire at targets 30 feet away; it's not very critical. Any of the above will work nicely.
If your goal is to consistently put your rounds in a 10" circle at 1000 yds; it can be very critical. If this is your goal, you'll probably want Benchrest grade primers.

Consistency is the key. Pick a primer/powder/bullet make/model, work up your load then buy in the quantities that suit your needs. For example, for my semi-auto pistols I use CCI SPP (buy the case), Bullseye (buy the keg) and Barry's plated bullets (buy the 1000).
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