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To those who think I was misinformed about the OP, here is the first line of the OP:

>Can we do something like this as a community, but much more polished?

(CDF): I wrote that that's a poor strategy. I showed that the heavy losses suffered in the last election by the minority party stemmed from misinformation pushed by that party.

I said misinformation contributed to the loss, and as a gun community we should not engage in misinformation campaigns. My below the line suggestion is that as a community we will lose if we support misinformation campaigns.

The two kids above could find no facts, no examples, could muster no logic, could muster no reasons what so ever in support of their posts. All they could muster were back-of-the-3rd-grade-classroom "lookitme's".

I see you, and I find you lacking.

Those kinds of posts show precisely why the gun community should avoid misinformation campaigns. When posters lack facts, logic, and reasons, we perceive their posts as being without substance. Such posts are the result of having either no information or the wrong information. Such posts are weak.

The gun community will do better standing on solid facts, cogent reasoning, and sensible debate.

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