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The conversations are continuing about whether and how much more gun regulation should be imposed upon us.

We certainly need to have the conversations. But I think the goal of the conversations should be to show that humans are a violent species. We will make weapons out of a chair if we need to.

Guns per se need no more regulations, especially in California.

What makes people vote for gun laws is fear, pure and simple.

If we study the reasons given for new gun laws, the only thing we can come up with in California is fear. Since criminals don't obey laws and will do violence when they want to, the fear that drives new gun laws serves only to restrict law abiding people from learning to use guns for fun. That's not good.

The conversation is good, however. The aim of the conversation is to find the middle ground nationally between "no guns for anyone evah" and "any gun for anyone at any time and place." Neither of those two extremes is ever proposed in any conversation. Those are just the outer limits of the debate.


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