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The civilian permits are good for two years.

I would encourage all law abiding SD residents in this "border area" laden with cartels, gangs and rife with crime to apply no more often then each 2 yrs.

If one gets apprehended for exercising their civil rights (God forbid) you will have a paper trail of your compliance with statues.

The licensing division got in trouble with this paper trail business in the past and they expect you to not apply on cue or trash said applications when advised by them.

This way when Gore runs for office in the future he can say " 90% of our applicants are granted CCW". There are a couple of large gray haired women at the licensing division that have scared off firemen and even active military people in the past.

They tell you the reason you don't want to apply is that you will be denied and there will be a record of such at the DOJ in Sacramento. (As if there is going to be a picture of you in the post office with the child molesters.) Then after that they say that "nobody applied".

It's kind of like military or police training. Nobody wants you to have a real gun unless you jump through certain hoops and prove that you are serious and not retarded. After all we are talking about real guns and ammo being carried around this border area.

Let them know your serious about the law and fill out the silly application. In spite of what they tell you they will respect you the morning after you apply. You are either part of their files in their downstairs basement or you are in their round file. Most of are stalwart SD citizens don't make to the basement files.

Apply early and apply often!

Ask the people in Sacramento if they applied too early?
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