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Originally Posted by dynamomark80 View Post
I always scope out the belt of the cops in my area. they seem like freakin batman with all the stuff they pack. I spend a bit of time in a starbucks right off the freeway in downtown sacto and Im always looking to see what they are packing. most carry a collapsible baton now but it wakes me think how in the hell the cops handled that big ole beater baton in the past.
The 26" standard wooden police baton is what we carried (the PR-24 was just coming out). Some PD's mounted a piece of rubber or plastic tubing inside the front doors, angled down at the front, to retain the batons in the car. (Note: You can see this used in some old episodes of Adam-12). Some agencies didn't and there was just enough room in the door-sill between the seat and frame.

Cops, being cynical, observed that when you stopped someone, you estimated their odds of bolting on foot by their attire. A guy in a 3-piece suit is unlikely to run or run far (mostly to a car). A guy in a company uniform (UPS, Plumber, mechanic) might run, but not well. No, it was always the skinny guy you stopped wearing a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers who would bolt off down the block doing an great imitation of a Gazelle. About half the time you were more than 30 yards from the car too.

Meanwhile, the cop is usually heavier (muscle or not), wearing jump boots or shoes, slacks, uniform shirt, stiff gunbelt, gun, spare ammo, baton, radio, keys, chem spray, handcuffs (sometimes 2 sets), ballistic vest and maybe a jacket. It's a wonder bad guys got caught at all. And some people wonder why cops can be a little rough on perps who run from them!
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