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Default Pena v Cid Update

I found this tidbit of information on the Pena v Cid case:

No. 09-1185
State of California
Challenging law prohibiting the sale of any unsafe handgun (any handgun not included on a state roster of handguns meeting certain safety requirements). After the parties filed a joint status report on 7/30/12, the court issued an order lifting the stay that had been in place pending the Ninth Circuit’s en banc decision in Nordyke v. King. The parties have agreed to withdraw any motions that were pending at the time of the stay. Discovery is to be completed by 5/3/13, and dispositive motions are due by 6/28/13.

Looks like the stay was lifted(finally) and the case might be moving forward. Can any legally savvy Calgunners elaborate on what happens next?
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